Ask the Experts Series: What Types of Users Does WebFOCUS Support?

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 By | mei 02, 2017
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mei 02, 2017

What the video here.

By now you’re aware that our award-winning tool, WebFOCUS, is the industry's only business intelligence and analytics platform capable of catering to every analytical need. But exactly what types of users does the platform itself support? The fact is, WebFOCUS supports anyone looking for easy and instant access to the data they need. This one flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use platform offers the right information delivery approach – for every kind of user.

WebFOCUS enables organizations of all types and sizes to achieve high levels of user adoption, from the back office and beyond. Our platform helps satisfy all your information consumers – executives, managers, analysts, employees, partners, and more – in the way that best suits their style, with full data and decision integrity. With WebFOCUS, individuals can execute smarter business decisions from data they can trust.

And while users may have different levels of experience and varying needs, each can benefit from a platform that promotes:

  • Smarter, consistent, and more accurate decision-making at every level
  • A proactive business culture driven by performance and awareness
  • Interactive online relationships with customers
  • Delivery of richer information, analytics, and performance metrics to everyone

Want to help individuals at all levels in your organization make smarter decisions? Simply request a demo today to learn more about the unique strengths of WebFOCUS. Also, check out our latest "Ask the Experts" video to learn more about the WebFOCUS platform that truly offers self-service analytics for everyone.