Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #3 Pay Attention to Performance

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 By | januari 10, 2018
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januari 10, 2018

Our third way to increase adoption and encourage your users to embrace business intelligence (BI) and analytics is to ensure that the speed, scalability, and reliability of your environment is fully optimized.

It’s no secret that poor performance is a key contributor to low pervasiveness. If your dashboards, reports, visualizations, apps, and other analytics are sluggish – whether due to large data volumes, poorly designed data warehouses, or a rapidly growing number of queries – your users will get frustrated. They’ve become accustomed to getting near-instant responses in today’s information age. If your BI and analytics environment is prone to delays and slowdowns, it won’t be long before they lose interest and seek other ways to get what they need, or go back to executing business based on 'gut feel'.

Unfortunately, few architectures are truly equipped to handle widespread use. Many organizations find themselves purchasing an excessive amount of additional hardware to support big data, handle the needs of a large number of users, or efficiently process an increasing number of complex queries. Others call for building cubes and indexes, or creating data marts and warehouses. These approaches may solve the problem, but at the expense of your resources and your budget.

How do you meet the needs of a growing base of users, without sacrificing performance or driving up hardware or administrative costs?

Realistically, you need a BI platform that can:

  • Linearly scale to support any number or type of internal or external users, for any kind of reporting and analysis
  • Provide an embedded analytical database that can be shared across users, to improve the response times of BI and analytics applications and address queries faster – without being limited by a user’s individual machine performance 
  • Deliver pre-packaged 'portable' content with interactive controls that can be used even when offline, to lessen the burden on servers
  • Support big data, with the ability to efficiently access, integrate, and deliver large volumes of structured and unstructured information

At Information Builders we do pride ourselves on our customers' high levels of adoption, especially for very large user populations. A key reason is that our WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform provides linear scaling, includes a performance memory database option, offers patented portable 'analytical documents', and, when combined with our iWay tools,offers advanced data management and optimization for any data scenario.

In next week’s post, I’ll discuss building user confidence through trustworthy data.

Thanks for your time today!