Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #5 Don’t Forget Your Customers

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 By | januari 16, 2018
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januari 16, 2018

Welcome to the final installment in this blog adoption series. It has been an interesting journey, exploring the many reasons why and how organizations do (and don't) execute data-driven business. If you'd like to revisit the series, here are a few links:

Turning your environment outward – by extending it to customers, business partners, and other third parties – is our final way to boost adoption of BI and analytics. By doing so, you’ll enable thousands, or even tens of thousands of new users to reap the benefits of better information access.

Pervasiveness isn’t the only advantage to this approach. Adding third-party stakeholders to the mix builds stronger, longer-lasting relationships through improved communication and collaboration. Customers and partners who can interact with enterprise information are often easier to acquire and retain, which will drive bottom-line impact. If you have information that is perceived as being particularly high-value, you can even charge a fee for access to it, which will open up new revenue streams for your organization.

There are several things to consider when opening up data to third parties, however. Security becomes even more critical when you are sharing information outside the walls of your organization. Your reputation can suffer serious damage if confidential or sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. Scalability is also important. Bringing even more users on board will diminish speed and performance if your supporting technologies aren’t equipped to handle the increase in capacity. And don’t forget about data quality. Sharing inaccurate or outdated information with customers and business partners will hurt your credibility, turning your business intelligence (BI) and analytics environment from a competitive differentiator into a serious liability.

Eckerson Group founder Wayne Eckerson refers to user adoption as the “holy grail” of BI. Our decades of experience have shown us that enterprise information becomes more valuable as more people leverage it. The tips outlined in this series will help you achieve the high levels of user adoption that are so important to realizing maximum return on your BI and analytics investment.

Thanks for your time today and throughout the adoption series!