Dresner Ranks Information Builders the #2 IoT Intelligence Vendor

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 By | november 10, 2017
november 10, 2017
Dresner Advisory Services’ 2017 IoT Intelligence Market Study has been published, and we are thrilled to be recognized as an industry leader in IoT solutions. Dresner’s rankings were based on end user data preparation, cloud BI,  location intelligence, advanced + predictive analytics, and big data analytics. Among 19 total vendors, Information Builders was ranked second. 
Here are the vendor ratings:
As evidenced by the graphic, we provide full-service IoT solutions, and rank among the industry’s best in the categories of end user data preparation and big data analytics.
Regards the future of IoT for business use: The Internet of Things presents a vast amount of potential, creating the need for organizations to gain a better grasp on big data to inform operations. As machines are able to generate and catalog data at a greater rate than humans, companies that want to get ahead must make the most of their proprietary information. While many tools offer significant reporting possibilities, they can create the potential for errors if they don’t have adequate metadata layers, which leads to time spent on correcting inconsistencies rather than acting on IoT insights. Tools also need to be accessible for everyone, not just data scientists – this is where Information Builders comes into the picture
Regards Information Builders as an IoT Leader: As the Dresner report underscores, we are at the forefront of taking the promise of the Internet of Things and making it a reality for organizations of all sizes and available resources. Information Builders’ big data, cloud and IoT integration solutions provide a progressive data management platform that delivers actionable, relevant and accurate data that companies can leverage for better decision-making. Our WebFOCUS platform is easy to implement, provides intuitive portals and dashboards that can easily incorporate IoT sensor information and other big data into analytical activities. WebFOCUS InfoApps™ enable custom IoT apps to be designed for non-technical users to rapidly gather insights through highly intuitive and interactive reports. 
As a recognized leader in IoT solutions, we are focused on continuing to improve upon our technology and enabling businesses to create insight-driven solutions in real-time. Dresner’s report is reflective of our breakthrough innovations in the IoT space, and we are absolutely dedicated to ongoing innovation for our customers. 
To access a copy of Dresner’s 2017 IoT Intelligence Market Study, click here
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