Introducing the 2017 BARC Score for Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

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 By | september 29, 2017
september 29, 2017

The 2017 BARC Score for Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms has just been published, and we are pleased to see ourselves positioned as a 'Market Leader'.

The BARC Score, from European analyst firm Business Application Research Center, evaluates enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms and vendors that can fulfill a broad set of BI requirements within the enterprise. Vendors are rated on a variety of criteria, from product capabilities and architecture to sales and marketing strategy, financial performance, and customer feedback.

Here is the Score graphic (click to enlarge):

As you can see there are seven vendors in the market leader space, including Information Builders. The axes measure Market Execution and Portfolio Capabilities, which need a little explanation.

Market Execution is determined by measuring seven criteria: Product Strategy, Customer Satisfaction, Financials, Geographical Coverage, Ecosystem, Sales Strategy, Organizational Strength, and Marketing Strategy. The first two criteria are given the highest weighting - the Product Strategy score considers product development track record, product roadmap, and innovation, as well as the company portfolio’s alignment with current market trends and demands. The Customer Satisfaction score takes into account product satisfaction, vendor support and implementer support ratings reported by customers.

Portfolio Capabilities measures three aspects of the technology: Functionality, Infrastructure, and 'Portfolio' (integration, maturity, and lifecycle). Functionality covers formatted and ad hoc reporting, dashboards, analysis, data mining, planning, self-service BI, and data discovery. Infrastructure covers systems architecture and administration, performance, access to data sources, metadata and semantics, governance and security, information delivery, and deployment options.

This BARC Score certainly is comprehensive in evaluating vendors' abilities to support customer and software needs in the BI and analytics space. BARC's consideration of Information Builders included our '3i' capabilities, those being integration, data integrity, and business intelligence. These cover our data management capabilities as well as our BI and analytics platform. The documented strengths in the report particularly focused on WebFOCUS, which included:

  • Very flexible and scalable solution for formatted reporting for large user groups and highly-formatted documents, ad hoc reporting, dashboarding, analysis, and creating individual BI applications for operational BI
  • Support for a wide range of data sources
  • InfoAssist+, focused on ad hoc reporting, query, and data discovery for business users, provides good capabilities for content export in different formats
  • InfoApps and capabilities for the development of predefined interactive applications for business users (operational and strategic/tactical BI)

I would say that the stated weaknesses feed straight into the rationale for our very next point release of WebFOCUS (known as 8.202), which introduces an all-new interface for casual business users. We are completely transforming the WebFOCUS experience for all user types, with a fully re-engineered user experience, and a much improved analytics workflow for non-technical users.

To access the BARC Score, click here.