The Link Between Performance and Adoption – and How Enterprise Usage Management Can Help

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 By | april 17, 2018
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april 17, 2018

Adoption rates for business intelligence (BI) and analytics remain alarmingly low, hovering at around 32 percent according to Gartner’s Cindi Howson. Many organizations have yet to reap the benefits of their investments because they just can’t get their users on board.

There are many factors that contribute to BI and analytics pervasiveness – usability, data quality, and organizational culture, just to name a few. But performance is, perhaps, the most critical. Your users will enthusiastically embrace your environment if it’s responsive and reliable. But they’ll quickly abandon it (and never return) if it’s sluggish.

The best way to keep things running smoothly is through effective management and administration. This is particularly important as your adoption rates increase, as a growing user base tends to put a strain on existing BI and analytics systems.

You’ll need complete transparency into your environment to identify and correct any bottlenecks or slowdowns, and to optimize uptime, speed, and availability. How are your resources deployed? Who’s using the environment? How long does it take for queries to process? Which data sources are being accessed most frequently? What time of day are requests typically run?

WebFOCUS includes a family of technologies for comprehensive enterprise usage management. You can closely monitor all your resources, to make sure your enterprise information is being accessed, shared, and analyzed in the most efficient and secure way possible.

With WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Management, you can:

  • Visualize vital resource management metrics
  • Access detailed data about asset utilization and performance issues
  • Instantly notify stakeholders when metrics exceed thresholds
  • Analyze all aspects of consumption activity and query traffic
  • Proactively prevent users from running inefficient or runaway requests
  • Improve response times by distributing workloads

The Enterprise Usage Monitor offers a 360-degree, real-time view of WebFOCUS and associated information assets.

You'll get a clear picture of the information assets being accessed, how and when they are being used, and by whom. With these insights, you can proactively fine-tune your systems to avoid inefficiencies and accelerate response times.

Your users will get fast responses to their requests, which will ultimately lead to wider adoption. Because when they see value in your environment, they’ll continue to use it and encourage their colleagues to use it too.

Read more about Enterprise Usage Management here.

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