A New Release of WebFOCUS Brings Usability and Workflow Innovations

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 By | november 20, 2017
november 20, 2017

We are all really excited about this next version. Although it might appear to be a point release, WebFOCUS 8.2.02 takes a huge leap forward in usability, innovation, and business user-friendly workflow.

Three major enhancements add further flexibility and usability to the already enterprise-friendly and globally proven WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform. WebFOCUS is being transformed into a super user-friendly platform, whether for non-techical business users creating a range of analytics, or the specialist who can create sophisticated apps and automated content in one-tenth the time it used to. 

Fully Reengineered Home Page

Extensive human behavioral and UI/UX research has been undertaken in designing the interface and workflows of these new WebFOCUS capabilities, one of which is a new home page. As seen below, the WebFOCUS home page and end-user interface have been transformed into thumbnail-based visual menus, giving users an immersive experience and a unified launch point for portals, apps, tools, and analytical assets.

WebFOCUS Designer

The all-new WebFOCUS Designer enables both BI specialists and non-technical users to create a variety of analytical pages, such as dashboards, InfoApps, and infographics, in a matter of minutes. These pages can be used standalone, in a portal, or embedded in a third-party or customer-facing application. Several innovative methods for auto-creating filters and controls make BI authoring and analytics content assembly a cinch. Fully responsive web page templates provide a way of dropping content into visual containers, whether reports, charts, maps, or controls.

WebFOCUS Insight

WebFOCUS has extensive visualization and charting capabilities, including a new ‘Insight’ mode that enables instant visual discovery from a standard chart. It provides quick and easy visual exploration of data, either from an existing view, or from scratch starting with metadata. Insight mode incorporates an innovative approach to self-service discovery by leveraging an interactive header that enables measures, dimensions, and attributes to be changed. Now any user can conduct data discovery; not just those select few who have access to a data discovery tool.

This landmark release marks a new and exciting evolution of the WebFOCUS enterprise BI and analytics platform. The interface has been transformed into a modern, attractive, and highly usable experience for all types of users. Every icon, menu, and control has been designed with a modern default and visual polish, so that analytics content leveraged by execs, analysts, operational workers, partners, and customers is of the highest quality, usability, and value.

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