The Power of Embedded Analytics

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 By | augustus 28, 2017
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augustus 28, 2017

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If you’re looking to help your employees improve their performance or keep your clients more engaged, look to embedded analytics. According to the 2016 Dresner Embedded BI Market Study, embedded BI technology ranks 12th out of 30 strategic BI topics, ahead of governance, cloud, big data, and social media analysis. And with good reason. At the core of embedded analytics is the ability to integrate actionable insights into systems and business processes used to make decisions – decisions that can lead to productivity gains and new revenue opportunities.

Embedding provides a simpler and more convenient user experience, avoiding the need for users to thrash between applications. This generates productivity gains and better decisions by delivering analytics in context with the user’s workflow.  Analytics can also be integrated into customer-facing mobile apps and websites allowing for deepened relationships and an improved experience.

Our product WebFOCUS has the technological capability to include analytics features and functions as an integrated component of another application. This gives organizations the ability to operationalize and mix BI with existing applications. WebFOCUS provides seamless integration, flexible and robust security features, and scalability on a single, unified platform.

To expand your organization’s adoption of business intelligence and to provide in-context insights and analysis, look to embedded BI and analytics. For an introduction, view our latest video