Big Data – Embrace the Disruption!

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 By | september 12, 2016
in data cleansing, Data Quality, Internet of Things, Big Data
september 12, 2016

You’ve read the definitions. The reality is data growth is huge — we’re generating more information than ever before.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that you are using the correct technology innovations and methods to succeed with big data.

Ultimately, we need even better tools to empower companies to integrate all of their data into one place – while cleansing it, too, to make it more suitable for its business purposes. This will allow organizations to use more of their available information and increase their knowledge of their company, their customers, and their products.

Information Builders’ new, live executive seminar “It’s a Big Data World: Embrace the Disruption”, will show you how to get your arms around the management, cleansing and manipulation of all that data to make it suitable for operations, analytics, and any other business need.

You’ll learn how to manage and cleanse big data inside of Hadoop; maximize the value of your data lake; use predictive analytics in the Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios; and extract insights from unstructured data such as machine, geospatial, clickstream, and social data.

We already have dates set for North America in September and October, and we’re looking forward to discussing this with you.

For more information, and to register, please visit our website.

We hope to see you soon!