The Case for Master Data Management

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 By | maart 31, 2016
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maart 31, 2016

What is Master Data Management (MDM) and why does your business need it? A comprehensive master data management (MDM) strategy, with the right supporting technologies, can help organizations enhance productivity and operational performance by improving information accuracy and data exchange within and beyond the company. This is relevant to data exchanges within and beyond your company.

With increased use of big data, mobile data, social media data, and sensor data coming in batch or streams, not utilizing the advantages of trustworthy and accurate data comes at a great cost. Losing a strategic advantage because of setbacks during the implementation process is often not an option.

Many companies end up unwittingly following “worst practices” and thus sabotaging their chance to capitalize on MDM. It’s always best to avoid as many worst practices as possible to have a smooth, functional MDM initiative, with a gradually maturing data governance function.

Most of the bad data habits that organizations have were cultivated over time and thus take time to resolve. The good news is that you can turn those bad habits around as soon as today by educating yourself and your company to be accountable for the results.

Accordingly, inform yourself and your colleagues with Information Builders' complimentary Innovation Session, where data management guru Mike Ferguson will explain some of the worst practices he has seen in the industry, and how to avoid them.

“Worst Practices in Data Management” will be held on April 5, 2016

Mike is an independent IT analyst and consultant. He specializes in BI, analytics, big data, data management, and enterprise business integration. He has more than 34 years of experience and works at board, senior IT, and detailed technical IT levels on BI/CPM strategy, technology selection, enterprise architecture, MDM, and data integration.

He will be joined by Jake Freivald, VP of Product Marketing at Information Builders, responsible for marketing operations including branding, marketing communications, events, Web marketing, and direct marketing. Jake has spent close to 20 years at the company, leading all efforts of messaging strategy, content creation, and thought leadership.

Learn these “worst practices” and why they made the list, how improved master data and sound governance principles will increase competitive advantage, drive new revenue, reduce costs, enable better decision making, how to accelerate the MDM process from years to months, and much more.

Improvements like these are too compelling to pass up. And there's more where that came from - learn more from some of the industry's top thinkers in our new Innovation Sessions webcast series.