The Data Integration Evolution

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 By | februari 22, 2018
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februari 22, 2018

Data Integration as compared with other data topics seems, well less exciting. However, it is absolutely essential when it comes to effective management of your data assets.

Think about it. Successful businesses learn to derive genuine value from their data by creating a value generation cycle. In the value generation cycle, you determine the value your data can provide, and then use the right technology to harness that data and deliver real results. Bringing your data together is a necessary part of that. And problematically, in many organizations, data is housed in multiple places, in disparate systems, and in various formats, making this a challenging task.

Now, if you have some wonderful software that provides visualizations, like our WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, and your data isn’t integrated properly, then you’re not receiving the valuable insight that you need to succeed. And all the great features that are available to you, like dashboards, reports, and analysis, won’t help you if all your data sources are not together.

Let’s look at some other positive end results after data integration:

  • Enhance your data driven decision-making
  • Tackle the challenges in your organization with intelligence
  • Make your data available to internal and external customers
  • Increase your ability to use modern analytical technologies

Don’t forget to consider the effects of mastering data to your audience. Mastered data allows organizations to get a 360-degree view into the data and work from a consistent, unified view. Data integration, data quality, and data remediation have important roles to play in these data management projects, yet in many cases these essential disciplines get short shrift.

Now that I’ve made the case that data integration is a good thing, let’s take a look at the technologies that have evolved to meet current integration needs. They include, among others, the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain integration. Technologies like IoT and blockchain are hard to understand, but they allow us to do things that we never did before. The benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. The steps organizations are taking allow implementation of new business initiatives, but add complexity. Our solutions make it possible to work with these technologies in manageable ways, and meet new integration requirements.

Information Builders' cutting-edge integration capabilities enable you to handle these new sources and almost all traditional ones as well:

  • iWay Service Manager creates reusable business services for existing applications. It offers end-to-end integration of the widest variety of sources, including real-time, batch, streaming, big data, structured and unstructured information, cloud-based sources, social network, and machine-generated data
  • Omni-Gen Integration Edition, a unified solution, ensures rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders with unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data. For data cleansing and mastering, you can move up to the Omni-Gen Data Quality and Master Data Management Editions
  • iWay Big Data Integrator (iBDI) provides a modern, native approach to Hadoop-based data integration and management that ensures high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility, with support for all contemporary Hadoop solutions

iWay Service Manager, Omni-Gen Integration Edition, and iWay Big Data Integrator are impressive updated software solutions that enable organizations to get considerable benefit from their data integration projects.

You can investigate all the options available to you by reading our new white paper, “Trends in Modern Data Integration”, and seeing what’s being developed in response to new demands. Have a read, it’s worth it.

And if you want try our iWay Service Manager 8 product for free to 90 days, please sign up here to download, try and see the features. We hope to hear what you think!