Fun with Data Quality Management

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 By | augustus 03, 2017
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augustus 03, 2017

Garbage in, garbage out, some people say (for example, see Jake Freivald’s blog post ). However, both you and I know that doesn’t need to be the case – there’s a lot that your organization can do to develop a good data quality management program.

Why focus on data quality? Here’s a fun video – well, I think it’s fun – that talks about why data quality management is so important.

So what is data quality management? Data quality itself is the state or fitness of your data. Add the management portion in; it’s the administration of a fitness program to keep your data at an optimum level, determined by your organization and its principals. At a minimum, data should be assessed and cleansed, with data managers and stewards owning the process for enforcing data quality procedures and rules. (We also recommend mastering and governing your data as part of an overall data strategy, but focusing on data quality can at least get you off the ground.)

Most organizations have in place data quality initiatives for correcting and managing bad data. However, if you look around and see who is responsible for those efforts, you may find IT staff, individual department members, marketing executives, and administrative personnel all working independently on their own data-cleansing projects.

When working with a comprehensive data quality management plan, a structure is developed whereby all data is combined and standardized so you need fewer workers to be involved in ownership. And those workers are less likely to be technologists, and more likely to be businesspeople, who understand the value of data, and create a single point of oversight.

Develop a data quality management plan and make your data available. Let it efficiently provide all the layers of your organization with clean information. This will provide better business outcomes and a more accurate view of what is going on. Take control of your company.

Now that’s fun.

For more fun, check out our other videos about data management on YouTube.

As an added bonus, here’s the link to a live webcast on August 10, “Dirty Data, Broken Trust” which will help you restore your faith in your data quality decisions.