Hot Trend: The Data Quality Maturity Model

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 By | juni 20, 2018
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juni 20, 2018

Earlier this year I wrote about the Data Quality Maturity Model and showed how it can help organizations gauge their behavior relative to the overall condition of their data. It balances human effort against the net benefit of the improvements that are made.

Once you know where you lie, you can start proactively tackling your data quality problems head on.

Our new e-book, “Data Quality Maturity Model and Why We Need It” can help you see the steps involved and learn how to progress to maturity. It presents the benefits and shows how data quality can become part of your organization’s culture, policies, and processes. Then it shows you how you can put technology in place to ensure ongoing integrity of enterprise information.

After you download the eBook, try our Data Quality Challenge to achieving true data quality.