How to increase member and partner engagement with data management

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 By | november 02, 2017
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november 02, 2017

Healthcare payers have been plagued by manual processes and siloed systems, which makes it harder to manage the relationships between themselves, their members, and healthcare providers.

With today’s outcome-based reimbursement models, those relationships take center stage, which require the silos to be broken down. And that causes data management to become a top priority.

Data management, at its core, permits a full spectrum of activities, including data integration, data cleansing, and master data management. When properly executed, this supports organizations in solving complex data and business problems efficiently and effectively.

But when it comes to relationships, maybe business “problem” isn’t the right term – you’re really trying to take advantage of a business opportunity. Enhancing your relationships will boost customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve profitability.  It provides a chance to improve the trust and confidence of those who rely on your business.

Focusing on the data management lifecycle can get you to a greater maturity level, which in turn increases the efficiency of the healthcare supply chain. For example, you might be able to reduce redundant clinical procedures or unnecessary laboratory tests, while at the same time ensuring that key measures of provider performance – such as member outcomes, patient satisfaction, and provider trust – remain high.

Of course, you can only see outcomes correctly when you’re using a trusted data repository. But if you’re able to get that complete, correct view of your members and providers, you can do amazing things – like create incentive programs that motivate lifestyle changes and lead to better overall well-being, and give members direct access to their data so they can see how their choices affect their health.

Our Omni-HealthData product allows for this enhanced data management experience and customer satisfaction. It provides a single version of the truth across the spectrum of care, and creates faster and better targeted member outreach campaigns.

 I encourage you to read up on Omni-HealthData, and how clinical data can be made actionable. We have a new whitepaper “Getting the most from your clinical data” that highlights the benefits of having timely, actionable data and introduces our robust and comprehensive member information management solution for health insurers.

Please take a look and let us know what you think!