How IoT and Big Data can help organizations achieve success

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 By | juli 13, 2017
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juli 13, 2017

The Internet of Things, or IoT looks to be the wave of the future. It’s in your organization’s best interest to be in line with the trends that can they can capitalize on for growth.

First, what is IoT? IoT comprises the physical devices and objects, as well as the electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enable those devices to collect and share Big Data. The value of IoT goes hand-in-hand with big data and provides huge benefits to individuals and organizations.

Even though big data alone is useful, it needs to be managed properly to help organizations achieve success. Remember to use the data management principles below. They can be applied to big data just like any other data source:

  1. Integrate: Ingest and cleans data from all your IoT sources; leverag your investment by combining data to use in any application or system.
  2. Cleanse: Significantly improve the completeness and correctness of your IoT data.
  3. Remediate: Discover and cleanse corrupt, invalid, or incomplete IoT data.

Plus there is contextualization, the process of adding related information to big data to understand it (look for my contextualization blog this summer). This makes it easier to generate actionable intelligence for analysis and get real use from your IoT devices.

Next, the task becomes how to present data in the right way to the right business professional; it’s best to provide a platform where management can access and easily visualize the data[1].

IoT makes big data collection better because more information, from more sources, is readily available for consumption. These larger volumes of data mean that more comprehensive and sophisticated intelligence can be obtained to better understand customer preferences, behavior, and sentiment. This ultimately results in more effective and targeted sales, marketing, and loyalty efforts.

Our new white paper, “Digital Transformation Using IoT and Big Data” can provide more detail into this, and several other ways to take advantage of IoT. When you have the time, download it, read it, and let us know your thoughts.

For more insight, view our webcast "Best Use Cases for Big Data and the Internet of Things", presented by Michael Corcoran.  

[1] “IoT Analytics: From Data Integration to Actionable Intelligence”, February 2017.