How leaders develop successful MDM initiatives

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 By | januari 23, 2017
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Dan Power, in his article “Five essential elements of MDM” writes that you need some essential elements in order to achieve MDM success. These elements include an MDM hub, data integration software, data quality capabilities, external content for enrichment, and a data governance process.

But what kind of soft skills are needed to make this work in the real world?

First, it’s important to remember that when planning and implementing your MDM program, there needs to be a partnership between the business and IT. In order to facilitate that, there needs to be a strategic leader at the helm who makes sure the strategy aligns with corporate interests, evangelizes the project, and keeps it on track.

It’s also important that the overall plan can describe how it’s helping the company with initiatives over the short and long term. Know your corporate objectives and connect your goals with them. If you need to, ask a senior executive, or someone that is close, to provide guidance to you.

Lastly, you will need to build relationships with your strong supporters and your weak ones. Projects are undermined by political considerations even more than technical ones. Win as many people over as you can by communicating your plans and maintaining architectural integrity.

Dan goes into more detail on both technical and soft-skill requirements for master data management, in his new whitepaper, “Five Things to Focus On for Faster MDM Results”.

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