Infographic: Big Data Integration Challenges

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 By | mei 10, 2017
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mei 10, 2017

Companies are generating data in higher volumes and at a faster pace than ever before. What about the quality of that data? Do you know how good or bad it is? How are you going to improve it within the confines of your Hadoop ecosystem?

The good news is that if you plan wisely, you can navigate these challenges satisfactorily. A data management product that unites strategy and technology will serve you well.

Information Builders has one such product, iWay Big Data Integrator (iBDi). One of the great things about iBDI is that the interface is straightforward and easy to use. It allows users to ingest data from any kind of source and transform it as well, adding data quality to the mix.

Check out all the features of iBDI in our new Infographic, below. You can see a full version here.

Then take advantage of our whitepaper offer and download Real-World Strategies for Big Data. It not only covers challenges but also discusses how to strategize and succeed.  I’d love to know what you think! Please provide feedback below. I look forward to hearing from you.