Infographic: Get more value from your data assets with Embedded Analytics

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 By | oktober 13, 2017
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oktober 13, 2017

Organizations know that their data is a valuable resource and are constantly looking for ways to exploit it. Plans for making the most from these resources run from the simple to the sophisticated and from modern to traditional.

Whatever the method, the point is that this information should be in the hands of people who need it, when they need it, in a form they can use. Unlike standalone dashboards, spreadsheets, and similar tools, you can embed analytics directly into applications that people use every day to make their operational processes and decision-making more efficient and effective.

Let’s look at some B2B use cases that show how embedded analytics helps the alignment of business executives with operational workers and provides better overall services to customers.

  • An ERP software manufacturer uses WebFOCUS to embed reports in their portal. The reports let manufacturing facilities understand when they are most exposed to risk, customer demands need to be responded to, and increasing productivity at their facilities.
  • A telecomm company uses modules that are inserted into their proprietary system via WebFOCUS embedded technology in order to provide analytics to users. This integration provides an improved experience and quality of service.
  • A HR software company integrates WebFOCUS into their product suite and gives their clients advanced reporting technology that ties together information about various HR operations. As a result, customer acquisition and retention increased and they are better able to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • A chemical company embeds WebFOCUS into their portal, combining information from their on-premises systems with their CRM data. This gives their sales staff a complete view of their customers and activities that they couldn’t get from alone.

Note that in each of these examples, the end user didn’t have to leave the application to get the information they needed, and they didn’t have to learn a new tool to get answers to the questions they had. The company was able to create value that is directly connected to the visibility of the data. Using embedded analytics helps with finding a quicker way to ROI, and to realize the overall value of your information assets.

Take a look at our infographic (click here) for a simple diagram that can show where embedded analytics can be used in business situations. It shows what is done, how it is done, and what the end result can be.

In addition, read our new whitepaper, “Embedded Analytics”, by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). They write about ways embedded analytics enable organizations to improve and ensure better customer-focused initiatives.

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