Issues Impacting Successful Big Data Initiatives

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 By | augustus 31, 2016
augustus 31, 2016

For some companies, many big data projects are left unfinished due to inaccurate scope, technical roadblocks, and data silos. Misconceptions, mistakes, and poor planning can negatively impact deployments by wasting time and resources, hindering performance, and delaying return on investment.

See what the major issues are that impact successful big data initiatives by viewing our new infographic. (View the full-size infographic here).

This visual highlights the main statistics that hinder many organizations in reaching their goal. Make sure you take advantage of the valuable white paper that is offered at the bottom of the infographic, “6 Issues That Can Derail Your Big Data Initiative – How to Get Hadoop Data Management on the Right Track”. It provides educational information for putting your big data projects on the path to success.

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Get value for your company by utilizing the resources above and any others you may find. I’m always looking for more information on big data and data management, so look for me online, and feel free to leave a comment below.