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 By | januari 16, 2018
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januari 16, 2018

I’m happy to let everyone know that, in conjunction with our software product line Omni-HealthData, we now have a new website at You can read the full press release here.

Let me write about our product a bit. Our Omni-HealthData software lets providers and payers benefit from consistent, complete, and accurate data. Once it is given to all the stakeholders in an easy to understand way, each person or department can manage and analyze data more efficiently and effectively.

In more detail, Omni-HealthData is a complete information management solution that gives providers and payers a 360-degree view of members, patients, workforce, facilities, community care organizations and other important domains.

Our value provides so much more than you can expect to get from any other provider. Ours is a single platform that combines data integration, data quality, and master data management software. On top of that, we offer our own out-of-the-box information applications (InfoApps™) on the framework, to provide all your data for a complete view of your enterprise health information. Others in this space provide data integration and visualization software alone.

This new website can give you more details about our products, including documentation. It’s also a source for additional content on healthcare. Please check it out, read our information, and let me know what you think,