Ask the Experts Series: What Are Business Intelligence Portals?

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 By | maart 02, 2017
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maart 02, 2017

A Business Intelligence (BI Portal) is an analytical content management and deployment system that enables organizations to manage and deliver a wide range of secure, branded and governed analytical content to many types of users, whether inside or outside of your firewall.

Among the many features of a BI Portal:

  • Simple, self-service access to BI information, both corporate and user-created, which significantly minimizes reliance on IT for dashboard creation and maintenance
  • Easy portal versioning and customization for departments, partners, suppliers, and customers which drives higher levels of adoption, while containing development costs and allowing for the expansion of BI using existing IT resources
  • Dynamic styling which eliminates the need for expensive designers and long design cycles, allowing report developers to quickly build and deploy visually compelling, fully stylized reports that can be automatically applied for each portal and page

The BI Portal provides a flexible environment for users to access BI content, including dashboards, visualizations, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and interactive InfoApps. It also allows users to analyze vital information quickly, link content and reports together, and easily tailor what they see.

To learn more about how a BI portal can help you manage and deploy better analytics within your organization, check out this “Ask the Experts” video. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for access to additional business intelligence video content.