Ask the Experts Series: What Makes the WebFOCUS Platform Unique?

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 By | maart 21, 2017
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maart 21, 2017

There are many tools on the market today for “power users” to conduct reporting and data discovery. However, your organization also consists of non-power users – often known as non-technical business users. They, too, need data to make informed decisions.

Thankfully, a solution exists to give these particular users the data access they need. In this latest “Ask the Experts” video, we explore what makes the WebFOCUS platform unique. To begin, it is a single platform that addresses every analytical need for every type of user.

Our InfoApps™ empowers all of your information consumers, allowing them to make critical decisions with real-time data integrity. It delivers the capabilities your users demand.

With WebFOCUS: 

  • Business users can create, use, and share analytic content utilizing complete self-service analytics capabilities 
  • Developers can create large-scale enterprise analytical applications for users inside and outside the firewall
  • Data scientists and other experts can build models that can be used standalone or in scoring applications using sophisticated predictive and statistical capabilities 
  • Non-technical users can access rich, interactive content without IT’s assistance, enabling them to identify trends, patterns and opportunities

Want to learn more? Let one of our experts take you on a guided tour of WebFOCUS. Sign up and one of our representatives will set up a demo at your convenience.