Top 10 Reasons to Work at Information Builders

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 By | april 21, 2017
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april 21, 2017

At Information Builders, people are our best asset!

Working at a tech company for more than a few years is the exception, not the rule. When I tell people I've been at Information Builders for nearly 27 years, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. People ask, "Why would you stay in one place for so long?" But once I explain, the next question is usually, "Are you hiring?" 

So, why might YOU want to work at Information Builders? Here are ten great reasons, in no particular order:  

Fantastic People

We’re a friendly, creative bunch. Whether it’s the seasoned and talented professionals with deep expertise or fresh recruits, coming in overflowing with enthusiasm and new ideas, the company attracts (and keeps!) people who like to think big and know how to get big things done.

Information Builders' midtown Manhattan location makes for an easy commute.

Location, Location, Location

Located right above Penn Station, and just a few blocks from Port Authority, Information Builders’ corporate headquarters in midtown Manhattan couldn’t be easier to reach, from all points of the city and the surrounding areas. Get to work (and get home!) with a minimum of time and effort.


Our corporate headquarters are modern and quite spacious with panoramic views of iconic Manhattan. Landmarks such as the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, the Chrysler Building – even the Statue of Liberty – are all visible from our offices and conference and training rooms. 

The views from CEO Gerry Cohen's office are spectacular, though that may not be obvious in
this hastily shot selfie (I snuck in when he was out getting his coffee, shhhh... he has no idea).

Everyone Has a Voice

One of the best things about working at Information Builders is that all employees are encouraged to express their opinions and ideas. Whether it's a concept for a new marketing campaign, a product enhancement, or even a suggestion on office décor, all ideas are welcome and all voices are heard.

That Elusive Work/Life Balance? Yeah, We Got That.

At Information Builders, we like to work smarter, not longer, and know that the time spent outside the office is just as important as the time spent inside it. The company offers a generous amount of vacation time and personal days, and employees are encouraged to use them. Employees at Information Builders are encouraged to express their creativity and community spirit outside of work as well.  Whether it’s coaching your daughter’s soccer team, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, contributing articles to a technology web site or being the head clown at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (like our Director of Events Marketing), we say "go for it!" 

Terry Cosentino, Clown Extraordinaire
Director of Events Marketing, Terry Cosentino is also a clown in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
He usually wears less makeup at work... usually.

Feels Like Team Spirit

Ask people what they love about working here and most will say, "It’s like a big family." Everyone rallies together around the idea of taking care of our customers. We cheer for each other’s successes, both professional and personal. Many lifelong friendships have been forged here and will continue to be.

Job Stability All Day Long

Information Builders was founded in 1975 and we’re not going anywhere.  Unlike an unpredictable start-up that may have an exit strategy that doesn’t include you, at Information Builders, you’ll enjoy being part of a company that is built to last.  There are so many opportunities for growth and change, so you can pivot to a new position or department and learn a new skill set.  I started as a dispatcher in the customer support group, learning the product while helping our customers develop and maintain killer analytics and reporting apps.  Over time, I ultimately found my spot in Corporate Marketing where I oversee our digital and internet marketing. Similar stories are pervasive among the company’s executive team. All things are possible at Information Builders.

Event Marketing Coordinator Curt Franklin has a zen moment.

Innovative Technology

As the company that practically invented Business Intelligence and self-service reporting decades ago, Information Builders continues to innovate. Our technology leadership is acknowledged by respected analysts such as Gartner, Ventana Research, Forrester, BARC and Dresner.  Our software addresses a myriad of data challenges and supports the needs of all users, both inside and outside the organization, not just analysts or tech-savvy business people.

CEO and founder Gerry Cohen poses with industry analysts at Information Builders' Summit User Conference. 

Keeping it Private

Information Builders is a privately held company. Why is this important? It means we can focus on the long term needs of our customers and the company itself, rather than meeting the short-term goals of shareholders and Wall Street analysts. This has allowed the company to thrive despite several stormy markets over the past 43 years, which knocked out many of our competitors. The bottom line is we remain true to our mission to provide superior software engineering combined with the industry’s best customer service.

We love our customers and they love us!

Many companies claim to love their customers, but Information Builders' employees pride ourselves on the relationship we have with ours. No vendor is more committed to our customers’ success than we are, and it shows. Information Builders has repeatedly won Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service.  We listen to and work with our customers to help solve their business problems and meet business goals.

Many of our customers love to tell their success stories at our annual Summit user conference and user group meetings. We also showcase our customers online as part of our “I Know” program. Their stories inspire us, excite us and drive us forward.  

That’s what Information Builders means to me. Check out our job postings here – and I hope to see you in the hallway someday soon.