Single View of Data Helps Brampton, Ontario Budget, Plan and Manage Growth

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 By | april 29, 2016
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april 29, 2016

The City or Brampton presents on a webinar to discuss the impact, path to and results of ensuring a single, accurate record of citizens, properties and staff.

The Information technology systems supporting government operations are well known for being siloed, stand-alone and piecemeal. This is the result of the fact that government IT systems are typically procured without the foresight or vision that they may one day need to integrate with other systems.
For example, when emergency management services needs a new computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, no one thinks it may have to interface with existing land/parcel management or building permit and inspection management systems. This is despite the fact that new and updated parcels require not only critical services like EMS and sanitation, but also need utility and infrastructure hookups like water and electric to also have new and updated parcel data. 
Updating CAD records for EMS systems is an extreme case – it could mean life or death if an ambulance or police cruiser doesn’t show up. But there are other impacts as well. How can you schedule hookups or create work orders if a road or property doesn’t exist in 311 customer relations management systems for citizen calls for request for service, or the Infrastructure and Asset Management systems departments use to schedule and manage service calls? And what happens to  jury notices, tax bills, summons, or other mailings sent to a wrong address? How can you process licenses, registrations, certifications and permits? 

This is where a “single view of the citizen” comes in. On May 3rd we will have the City or Brampton present on a webinar to discuss the impact, path to and results of establishing a repeatable solution and process for ensuring a single, accurate record of citizens, properties and staff.

Plagued by inconsistent data, the City of Brampton, Ontario wanted to make sure that as the city grew and parcels were developed, departments across the city would have a single, accurate view of properties, citizens, and employees. As one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, they wanted to make sure that data on parcels would be accurately propagated across the many systems that operating units rely on to deliver services.

With disparate systems, processes and formats, a lack of accountability for data ownership, no master data management (MDM) tool and no trained staff, the City took matters into their own hands – and created a "Center of Excellence for Master Data Management."

By establishing a "Center of Excellence for Master Data Management," the City of Brampton acquired tools, methods and processes to define, structure and manage data sets and data entities across systems. The Center now collects, aggregates, matches, consolidates, assures quality, controls and propagates golden records and a "Single Source of the Truth" for properties, persons, and employees across City systems.

The Results? With a single, accurate view of properties city staff do not waste time looking for people or properties, do not have the costs and effort of mailings that are returned, and workers across many different operating departments are better able to do their jobs. Further, with a single view of entities, the city is now better able to perform analytics on them, enabling a culture of data-driven decision-making. With a single accurate view of its citizens, properties and staff, city management can better budget, plan, and manage.

Register today for our May 3 webinar presented in partnership with PTI: Achieving a Single, Accurate, 360-Degree View of the Citizen.