Why I Came Back to Information Builders: David Kerner

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 By | mei 24, 2017
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mei 24, 2017

Other than Information Builders, I have only worked at two other companies over my 32-year career.

My first company had a great feel to it. I was an employee for 10 years and the organization was small enough to allow for a family feel. There, you could run your group as if it was your own company. The problem, however, was not being big enough to have any market presence to compete with the bigger players.

Conversely, the last company I worked for prior to returning to Information Builders had market size and presence, but was too large. I quickly found that the push for revenue and overall growth overshadowed the importance of customer satisfaction required for long-term success. The organization lost its family feel and the desire to have sales leaders run their own business – everyone conformed to one way of working.

Returning to Information Builders combines the best of both worlds. It's large enough to get things done and be recognized in the market, but not so big that an employee gets lost in the crowd. I get to run my business the best way possible and feel like I am a contributor to the greater good of our company and our customers' businesses.

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