Ask the Experts Series: What is Omni-Gen?

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 By | februari 07, 2017
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februari 07, 2017

Oftentimes, organizations try to utilize their data to take advantage of opportunities, but come up short. There are several reasons this could happen. Perhaps the data is incomplete, broken or lacks ownership. Maybe it’s duplicated across a variety of systems.

With Omni-Gen, business users can tap into the value of their data thanks to its single platform housed in the cloud or on-site. Users can also reduce the level of risk and complexity when it comes to master data management (MDM) and can generate applications that combine data integration and data quality. Typical data projects can take 12 to 18 months – with Omni-Gen that time to value can be cut down to just six months.

To learn more on how you can combine, cleanse and manage your data with Omni-Gen, check out this “Ask the Experts” video where I discuss how you can simplify your data management efforts.