Customers Share Their Vision for the Future of Information Builders

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 By | november 22, 2017
november 22, 2017

Since our inception, Information Builders has been committed to helping organizations obtain a competitive advantage through their data. We stand by our customers from day one to help them achieve their goals. We also lean on them to better understand how we can help them reach their potential.

We recently hosted our Customer Advisory Council here in New York City. Over the course of the three-day event, customers from a wide range of industries, including ACE Hardware, Air Canada, Michigan State Police, and Boise Cascade, convened to discuss topics like our latest WebFOCUS roadmap and strategy, product innovations, and customer service enhancements. During the week, we also met with the council members to learn about their evolving data and analytics needs and discussed how Information Builders can support these initiatives.

In early November, our Federal Advisory Council met to discuss how governmental agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Justice and Office of Personnel Management, could best implement and gain value from using our software.

Similarly, Information Builders brought together a stellar group of international customers in Madrid, Spain this past week for two days. European companies may speak different languages, but their business challenges are universal, and the meeting was a great forum to discuss resolving those issues through our solutions. Customers represented the entire span of Europe – including Coty (Netherlands), Haulotte Group (France), Arcadia Group (England), Globalvia (Spain), PostFinance (Switerland), and Siemens Energy (Germany). Council members were excited to learn and talk about the latest WebFOCUS innovations.

We truly value spending time with you, our customers, and receiving your input during the Advisory Councils. These collaborative efforts strengthen our connections and serve as a wonderful opportunity to discuss future solutions that can help your businesses grow.

As the potential for data and analytics grows so does our Advisory Council membership. They include professionals from nearly every industry worldwide. It’s exciting to witness this on-going momentum, and we look forward to welcoming new customers to the community in the years ahead.