Organizational Intelligence - It's Time to Empower the 78%

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 By | september 26, 2016
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september 26, 2016

I’m delighted to announce that this week we’ll officially launch our new book, "Organizational Intelligence". My esteemed colleague, Rado Kotorov, Ph.D., and I have penned the book as a resource to help organizations skillfully navigate today’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics landscape. Whether you are a senior executive, a BI/analytics practitioner, a business analyst, or someone who is simply interested in the field, we believe you’ll find the book valuable.

For those of you who know us well, you may be asking, "Why this book, and why now – after four decades in the business?"

Traditionally, the goal of BI and analytics has been to empower organizations to make decisions based on facts versus “going with their gut.” And that’s still a fundamental aim, but we believe to truly capitalize on BI and analytics, you must give every employee access to the information needed to make fact-based decisions on the job. After all, profits are made and costs are incurred in operations each day – isn’t it only logical that those employees be part of the BI and analytics equation?

Unbelievably though, this concept still remains aspirational for most. Although the BI field has become widespread and there are cutting-edge technologies like WebFOCUS that can bring the data to the people, studies show that BI and analytics have only about 22 percent penetration in organizations. In "Organizational Intelligence", we examine why this is, and provide actionable insights into how smart companies can expand BI adoption (to engage the 78 percent) and effectively use information to become more competitive and profitable.

We start by studying the evolution of BI and analytics from 40 years ago to the present, and lessons learned along the way, then dive into the best practices of some of the world’s most recognized brands. We encourage you to read the book to learn how Ford Motor Company, U.S. Bank, Utz Quality Foods and Lutheran Life Communities, among other leading organizations, are building “organizational intelligence” and monetizing their data.

Rado and I will be talking about the book at a special webcast on October 6. You can register for it here - and get a free copy of the book!