Congrats to the Summit 2016 Screenshot Contest Winners

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 By | juni 27, 2016
juni 27, 2016

Summit 2016 has come and gone, and we’re pleased to say it was a great success. The Information Builders team enjoyed connecting with our fabulous customers and partners in Reno, Nevada, and we were pleased to see attendees learning and benefiting from all the educational sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities the conference had to offer.

You may recall that before Summit kicked off we put out a call for submissions for WebFOCUS and iWay screen shots. We wanted to see exactly how our customers were putting our tools to work across their organizations, as well as share some notable examples with the larger Summit community. I want to thank all our great users who submitted – we had almost 100 entries! It’s always a pleasure to see how our tools are being used, and your overwhelming participation in this initiative is greatly appreciated. Our three winners were announced during the Summit Keynote in Reno last week, and we’d like to take a moment to highlight them here.

Chris Low of DealerTrack submitted the first winning entry. DealerTrack is a leading provider of on-demand dealer management software and services for the automotive industry. The company’s winning dashboard, below, allows the dealership to see sales, inventory, customer, and service information all in one convenient snapshot. Having all this information in one place helps DealerTrack employees make informed decisions to expedite business processes and improve service for their customers.

Submitted by Chris Low, DealerTrack

The second winning submission came from Michelle Mazzola of MasterCard. MasterCard, one of the world’s most recognizable payments and technology companies, developed a customized, responsive design portal that aligns with the company’s web development standards. The dashboard features a fully customizable Quick Access Menu and provides easy access to key application features, including Portfolio Performance, Self-Service Analytics, Downloads, and Dashboards. MasterCard has also put our InfoDiscovery tool to work, which has helped put data directly into the hands of business users across the company. Employees can now run analyses at their own pace and needs, without dependence on analytics resources.

Submitted by Michelle Mazzola, MasterCard

Last but certainly not least is our third winner, Joe Beydoun of Lipari Foods. Lipari Foods is a regional wholesale food distributor managing a wide range of specialty foods, grocery, and “grab-and-go” products across the Midwest. Using WebFOCUS, the company developed a self-service reporting environment that gives employees and customers access to transactional data. The self-service business intelligence environment provides visibility into every step of the supply and distribution process, enabling Lipari to streamline processes, ensure the timely delivery of high-quality products, and eliminate waste in the supply chain.

Submitted by Joe Beydoun, Lipari Foods

Thank you again to our many contest participants, and congratulations to our three winners, each of whom received a brand new Apple Watch. We love seeing the great work you’re doing with our solutions, and look forward to helping you continue that work for many years to come.