Let's Talk About Making Your Systems Talk

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 By | februari 02, 2011
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februari 02, 2011

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When non-technical people ask me what Information Builders does, I tell them we make systems talk.

When systems talk to each other, that’s integration, or our iWay Software product line; when they talk to people, that’s business intelligence and analytics, or our WebFOCUS product line.

(That’s an oversimplification, but it makes sense to my mother-in-law.)

Similarly, corporations have different ways of talking. At Information Builders, we have a lot of formal ways of communicating with our constituents. We’re instituting this blog because we wanted a more informal way of discussing ideas that are important to us, to the industry,  and to you.

You’ll be hearing from me and a select few of my associates (read: the ones who aren’t busy on the road or building new software that week) on topics related to common information management problems, interesting trends we’re seeing in business analytics, data governance, and integration (among other things), and, frankly, whatever ideas you have that can lead to a better understanding of our industry, our business problems, and some potential solutions.

So, welcome to the new IB Blog. Please add your comments and questions – we’d like to make this a dialogue, a valuable discussion among peers. And thanks for joining us!