Ask the Experts Series: What are the Requirements for Embedded Business Intelligence?

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 By | april 04, 2017
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april 04, 2017

In last week’s “Ask the Experts” video, we explored the advantages of embedded business intelligence. You can refer to this type of intelligence, which allows users to stay within their current environment while accessing and interacting with data, as a one-stop shop for BI.

Embedded business intelligence requires platform capabilities that go beyond typical BI tools.

  • It needs to be equally at home with operational data and analytical data.
  • It needs to be highly scalable, because it supports large numbers of non-technical users – a very significant superset of the data-savvy businesspeople tools are usually limited to.
  • It needs to be able to plug in different kinds of analytics (e.g., predictive, social) for different use cases.

Perhaps most importantly, it needs to be able to provide self-service analytics to everyone – which means a lot more than just reporting from data warehouses – without requiring people to be trained in tool usage. (We call the business-focused, self-contained, highly interactive self-service analytical apps that best support these people “InfoApps[link]”.)

Our WebFOCUS platform comprises many capabilities necessary to provide users with a modern, holistic embedded BI environment. Is your organization doing all it can to incorporate embedded business intelligence? Check out this week’s “Ask the Experts” video. You can also visit us and discover how WebFOCUS can help your organization execute smarter business through trusted data.