Ask the Experts Series: What is Embedded Business Intelligence?

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 By | maart 28, 2017
maart 28, 2017

When it comes to transforming complex data into business value, non-technical users need an integrated platform that allows them to combine core BI and analytics to perform comprehensive analysis leading to informed decision-making.

In this week’s “Ask the Experts” video, we examine the importance of embedded business intelligence. The concept behind it focuses on integrating actionable insights into systems and business processes used to make or automate decisions. When incorporated into existing software solutions and automated business processes, embedded business intelligence allows users to capture and interact with their data without ever exiting the environment they’re working in.

Information Builders provides this capability through our WebFOCUS platform. With it, users have a single source to turn to when conducting complex analysis, answering specific business questions, creating ad hoc reports or developing powerful visualizations. Even better, this all-in-one solution can be integrated into their existing workflows and applications.

Leverage embedded business intelligence to turn insight into action. Check out the many capabilities of WebFOCUS today.