Transforming Your Business with Big Data from IoT

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 By | augustus 21, 2017
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augustus 21, 2017

What good is sensor data without context?

The hype tells us that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses in ways that would’ve seemed impossible only a few years ago. Smart sensors are collecting data everywhere – from capturing pollutions levels in the atmosphere to real-time readings from medical devices.

But collecting data isn’t good enough. You need to place that data into the context of your business, and that means combining it with data from other applications and sources.

Once you get the context right, you can start to see the insights that can really make a difference to your business – and to share them with the right people at the right time.

For example, thanks to IoT, manufacturers can put sensors into their products. In the context of their design and manufacturing processes, that can directly affect the next generation of development.

Hospitals can use sensors to monitor patients between visits. When that data is placed in the context of electronic medical records (EMRs) – updating them directly or being stored elsewhere if appropriate – doctors can intervene proactively to ensure optimal outcomes.

So, how can you contextualize big data from the IoT to transform your business?

Here at Information Builders, we’ve developed tools that enable you to turn big data from IoT into something truly useful. We start by breaking down the data silos that prevent you from integrating the data from IoT. Then we cleanse that data and combine it with your existing data sources. Finally, we enable you to share those insights in ways that are most useful to people throughout your organization.

The results can be transformational.

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