So, How Was HIMSS? A Post-Show Report

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 By | maart 08, 2013
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maart 08, 2013

Our fantastic booth staff ready to start the next tour (from left) Dan Cohen, Donna Freeman, Chuck Moll, Bill Motz, and Dan Carotenuto.

More than 40,000 people descended on New Orleans this week for HIMSS 2013, a conference and exposition dedicated to healthcare IT.  New Orleans was in for a good time!  Information Builders was there in force excited to introduce our new Omni-Patient application and other information management and analytical solutions to the audience. I arrived in the Big Easy with 25 Information Builders colleagues, a great team here to educate the attendees on how Information Builders can help improve their healthcare business.  Very few cities can handle this size of a show so hotels and flights were sparse, but New Orleans rose to the occasion. 

If you have never been to a HIMSS show before, let me tell you, it is massive.  The show took up the entire New Orleans convention center and the exhibit floor seemed to be a mile long.   The booths ranged from smaller10 x 10 squares to the larger EMR vendors who took over 300 x 300 areas. To hit every booth, you would need over 5 days on the floor. And these weren’t just basic trade-show booths with some signage and a few monitors -- some were like movie sets of waiting rooms or hospital check- in areas, and some were kitted out like conference centers and board rooms.  All in all, the show floor was very creative and impressive. The Information Builders booth looked great and our colorful graphics and overhead sign really stood out. 

With a show this size, it is a challenge to draw people in, but our creative Marketing department created a tour where we offered a $10 Starbucks gift card for a 10-minute tour.  We set up four “pods” that covered different topics (Omni-Patient, Mobile BI, Healthcare Performance Metrics & Analytics and Operational Reporting & Dashboards).   Our goal was to give attendees a brief overview of the solutions we provide, and how they can apply it to their healthcare organization. We answered a lot of questions and had some great conversations after each tour.  We did over 200 tours during the three days of the show and talked to more than 500 people.Busy! 

The booth is only one part of the show for Information Builders.  Since healthcare is one of our fastest growing business lines, we wanted to take advantage of meeting one on one with some customers we are engaged with.  So, we rolled out the Red Carpet for customers and partners with one-on-one meetings with our key executives. The topic of these meetings varied, but focus was clearly on the benefits and architecture of our new Omni-Patient application. Omni-Patient is an Enterprise Information Management application that is based on mastering Patient, Provider, Payer, Facility and Workforce to create a single version of the truth.  This allows even the largest and most complex healthcare networks to easily follow a patient’s journey across the entire continuum of care, spanning the acute and chronic pathways of health and social care. This is a big challenge for most organizations and judging from all the interest and feedback, we have clearly struck a chord. 

It’s hard to take the pulse of so many people, but we did hear the same questions and concerns coming up again and again:  How do we move from a fee for service to pay for performance? How are the new regulations going to affect my business? We need to get our Meaningful Use payments. How can we be proactive vs. reactive and manage population health? How are readmissions going to affect us?  While there were hundreds of topics being discussed, it was clear that that US healthcare transformation was dominating the discussion. 

The show was a huge success and we accomplished our goals.  After a busy week, our team of energized Information Builders employees left on Thursday exhausted and needing some R&R from the show and New Orleans! Be sure to check out our photo album on Facebook.

Speaking of which…when in Rome… We hosted a dinner for over 20 customers on Bourbon Street and got to sample some delicious local fare while watching the Bourbon Street crowd from the restaurant balcony.  As we wrapped up dinner, the attendees descended to the street below to experience a different kind of local fare…

Next year the HIMSS conference will be in my home town of Orlando, Florida!  We will be back and look forward to sharing more success stories of healthcare organizations benefiting from partnering with Information Builders.