Back-to-Back Gartner Summits Create Momentum for 2014

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 By | april 08, 2014
april 08, 2014

Working in Vegas is hard! The Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit kicked off at the end of the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit last week, and Information Builders hosted a “Build Your Own Martini” hospitality suite to transition between shows. 

The hospitality suite was packed with a line out the door thanks to the martinis and an iPad giveaway every 20 minutes.

The successive Gartner BI & Analytics and Enterprise Information & MDM summits together represent one of the year’s most important events, a powerful combination of industry thought leadership and an opportunity for Information Builders to showcase its expertise in these areas.

The official kickoff at the Enterprise Information & MDM Summit was the tag-team keynote by Gartner researchers Ted Friedman, Debra Logan and Andrew White titled, “Powering Business Advantage With Your Information Strategy.” They stressed how important the organization’s role is in MDM and that leaders must put the business value first in any MDM/information management project. They also said the audience for this year’s show had doubled in size to 800 attendees in 2014, evidence of the growing importance of MDM.

This show itself was loaded with interesting tracks and presentations, and had something for everyone. All four conference tracks were focused on IT and LOB managers: “MDM: Laying the Foundation for Operational Success”; “Enterprise Information Management: Refining Your Vision and Action Plan for IM”; “Enabling Technology: Evolving to a Modern Information Infrastructure”; and “Harnessing Information in the Business: What Business Leaders and Program Managers Need to Know.”

Many workshops centered on helping IT and LOB managers get MDM or IM projects started and setting priorities. The crowd favorites seemed to be the customer case study sessions, which gave first-person insight into how organizations have successfully implemented these types of solutions. 

Gustavo Espinosa from the City of Brampton, the third-largest city in the greater Toronto area, spoke on our behalf about the Multi-Domain Master Data Management project it has implemented. He discussed how the city had a need to unify more than 90 corporate systems and applications, and achieved success with Information Builders’ iWay Service Manager to consolidate data and transactions among all these systems.

Gustavo’s presentation was very thorough and he engaged the audience by explaining the business drivers, the evaluation, the project and upcoming goals. 

As the project lead, he gave critical details on project architecture, spoke from practical experience, and outlined best practices. For instance, Gustavo stressed the importance of a phased approach, and described MDM as a journey.

At our booth, we held more than five hours of the Solution Showcase, and the troves of visitors kept us busy. To keep up with the demand and interest, Information Builders relied on the team of Michael Corcoran, Jake Freivald, Vince Deeney, Tom Lovell, Peter O’Grady and Vincent Lam to engage with clients and others about their challenges and our solutions. As usual, the Data Quality Challenge attracted a lot of attention.

Finally, during the event, we announced our partnership with Loquate, a leader in international address verification software. The relationship leverages Loqate’s technology for verification and geocoding to ensure reliable and consistent global address validation for users of Information Builders’ iWay Data Quality Suite, iWay Integration Suite, and iWay Master Data Suite.

The days were long but a lot was accomplished. It was great to see many of our partners and customers, and make new connections. We gained a lot of momentum to carry us until next year’s Gartner BI & Analytics and MDM/IM events in Las Vegas!