Introducing Omni-Gen™: Game Changing Master Data Management

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 By | april 06, 2015
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april 06, 2015

Master Data Management projects are notorious for being long and drawn out, taking months to complete.  In some organizations, MDM is a four-letter word and very hard to get business sponsorship.  A critical part to selling MDM to the business is “time to value”.  The faster we can create and maintain a single version of the truth the faster we can start taking advantage of the benefits whether its cost savings, increased revenue, better services and the list goes on.  But what if we could cut down the implementation time from months, to weeks? Omni-Gen automates the production of sophisticated data integration, cleansing, and mastering processes, therefore cutting down the time to market.

Think about all the tasks associated with MDM and how many different people are involved. Omni-Gen takes a top down approach starting with what the end state or data model.  From there, you reverse engineer and automate the creation of all the steps and tasks needed: integration via an inbound document specification, data quality, and governance. 

The best part is Omni-Gen isn’t only about MDM.  As long as you know what your end state or target is, Omni-Gen can create subject/domain based integrations.  End states could be an enterprise or departmental data warehouse or data mart, data quality process, governance process, operational and analytical processes. 

In addition to propelling master data management, Omni-Gen also dramatically reduces the time to value for analytics. Omni-Gen starts with the answers and maps to the questions, essentially keeping the end result in mind.  Users can create data marts, visualizations, and reports from the MDM model before the repository is fully populated with production-ready data. This parallel effort ensures that analytics won’t lag data availability.

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