Introducing OpenRules Technology for our iWay Integration Suite

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 By | september 02, 2015
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september 02, 2015

Comprehensive integration capabilities ensure increasingly rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders.

Today’s rapid speed of innovation coupled with the ever-evolving economic landscape has changed the game for companies across sectors. No longer can employees wait for months of IT development to make changes to their business strategies. Today’s world moves too fast for such delays, and it is imperative for business level users to have the power to change their strategies through business rules, without depending on IT or waiting on long development times.

Information Builders is proud to be a long-time expert in the real-time integration space. Our iWay Integration Suite is the most flexible and agile integration foundation available today. For organizations trying to get the most out of existing applications and infrastructure investments, iWay is the fastest way to create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications.

Today we’re excited to announce that our iWay Integration Suite - part of the iWay Information Asset Management Platform – will now feature OpenRulesTM technology. This will allow business analysts to work in “familiar” software, such as Google Docs and Excel. iWay Service Manager will use the OpenRules engine to allow for external execution of the business rules and message analytics, constraint tracking, predictive analytics and finite state machines.

This will enable users to easily write new business rules on a day to day basis. Users will be able to access Excel to write rules and then send them to their IT teams for proper placement in the technology infrastructure. IT teams in turn will have access to out-of-the-box tools to generate the necessary software components. They will use a simple web-based configuration interface to provide business rules that need to be executed and the location of the Excel file. There will be no changes in the iWay Service Manager’s interface, which will allow for a seamless user experience when IT implements these business rules.

The integration of OpenRules technology is yet another step in our solution development and further evidence of Information Builders’ dedication to equipping the masses with BI power and insight. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the iWay team later this year!

In the meantime, check out the new integration landscape for yourself, with complementary access to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2015. We are proud to be positioned as a Visionary based on Gartner’s evaluation of our iWay Integration Suite. Please download the report at your convenience.