Why I Came Back to Information Builders: Jerrett Cangie

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| juni 23, 2017
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juni 23, 2017

After leaving Information Builders to explore an opportunity with one of the seemingly endless “transformative, pre-IPO analytics” companies in Silicon Valley, I decided to return for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes we take this company’s broad, proven, and award-winning solution stack for granted because it doesn’t always generate the buzz that some bleeding edge solutions do. However, one of the main reasons I returned was the opportunity to sell solutions that the marketplace needs, and has budgets in place for today!

It’s refreshing to work (again!) for a firm with a solid solution stack, but it’s even more rewarding to work with the amazing team that has been assembled here for decades. The experience and willingness to go way above and beyond the call of duty truly sets us apart from many other firms (large and small). It’s also the logical, common-sense approach to decision-making that defines much of the culture at Information Builders.

After working for larger and smaller firms over the years, I’ve observed that Information Builders is in a “sweet spot” – big enough to do things “right,” yet small enough to remain flexible, nimble, and generally free of the politics and bureaucracy that are pervasive in larger firms.

I couldn’t be happier to be back and am looking forward to continued success with the people I consider both co-workers and friends.

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