By the Numbers: Information Builders Summit 2018

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 By | juni 19, 2018
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juni 19, 2018

Summer may be right around the corner but we’re still buzzing about Summit 2018! The event a few weeks back brought together more than a thousand attendees from 14 countries for an exciting week of exploring data and analytics in the new connected world. Participants received a unique opportunity to take part in more than 129 educational sessions, dozens of hand-on labs, and lots of fun networking opportunities.

It was all hands on deck to make Summit 2018 a remarkable experience and we thank all of our attendees for raising the level of discussion and bringing valuable insight to every session.

Here at Information Builders, we always like to make the most of – and have some fun with – the data at hand. We created the following infographic to sum up another great Summit! Take a look at some key fun facts, analyzing everything from Twitter mentions to attendance at labs to gallons of coffee consumed to the average daily steps taken at the event.

Ready for Summit 2019? We’ll be announcing next year’s dates and location shortly… so stay tuned!