#WomenInTech: Inspiring Future Leaders

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 By | maart 31, 2017
maart 31, 2017

As March draws to a close, so too does our celebration of the amazing women who make up Information Builders’ global leadership team. Throughout the month, we talked with some of these women for a series of blogs highlighting their experiences. In our conversations, it was apparent that the group is passionate about technology, the important roles women play in the industry and supporting one another in their career ambitions.

With that in mind, what better way to end our Women’s History Month celebration then by offering our participants’ advice to other women in the field? Below is a “final thought” from each of the women with whom we spoke:

Wendy Hutson: “Choose a job you love and you’ll always wake up each day excited to pick up where you left off.”

Tara Myshrall: “Don’t get comfortable, and lead without a title. It doesn’t matter what your role is—leading without a title is all about making it happen and finding a way to get the job done, regardless of whether it’s ‘your job’ or not.”

Terri White: “Act with confidence even if you don't feel it—eventually you will. Above all, treat people with respect and kindness, and help others to achieve their goals.”

Carole Fernandez: “Do your research, look for good companies which have a great reputation for fairness, innovative products and great people—like Information Builders!”

Sheila Earll: “Many years ago a manager told me Henry Ford’s quote, ‘Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are probably right.’  I didn’t like hearing it at the time, but I remind myself of it often to this day. It really inspires me to figure out a way to get things done, no matter what. If you believe you can do it, you probably can.”

Sabrina Dufour: “Be a team player—learn, collaborate and celebrate other women.”

Julie Charrier: “Be yourself!”

Susanne Inglis: “Embrace who you are. Women often bring different strengths to a team that a balanced team needs.”

Melissa Treier: “Treat every person you encounter with the same level of respect, no matter what their role in the organization may be. Everyone has something to contribute.”

We salute these women and all the other female leaders in our offices around the world. Thanks for all you do for our customers, our company and the #WomenInTech movement!