Seattle Police Department Launches New Analytics Platform with Information Builders

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 By | oktober 21, 2015
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oktober 21, 2015

Accenture will team with Information Builders to provide the Seattle Police Department with enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities.
Photo courtesy of Matthew Zalewski.

The use of police force has become a much publicized matter throughout the country, and police departments are struggling to find cost-effective solutions that enable them to address this critical issue. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is one such organization. After a 2011 investigation by the Department of Justice found that the department needed to decrease its officers’ use of excessive force, SPD embarked upon a project to implement a more advanced data integration and analytics platform.

SPD ultimately selected Accenture for the systems integration and project management along with Information Builders as the business intelligence and integration software provider powering its Data Analytics Platform. We beat out a number of competitors to win this procurement, with our deep public sector expertise and law enforcement knowledge cited as key differentiators. In addition, our strong relationship with our systems integration partner Accenture gave SPD confidence in our joint abilities to deliver the solution as a team.

SPD’s Data Analytics Platform will allow the department’s command staff to identify officers at risk of using excessive force and provide the information necessary for them to take corrective action. Through a series of applications and dashboards, SPD’s leaders can pinpoint officers in potential jeopardy and institute training, offer guidance or redeploy them in areas where they are less likely to encounter aggressive situations.

This data-driven approach to constitutional policing will enable SPD to show leadership on this important issue, and present a model from which other departments in major metropolitan centers can learn. In addition, once fully implemented, SPD’s Data Analytics Platform will save the city millions by replacing its outdated, expensive monitoring system with a more dynamic, cost-effective alternative.

Check out this press release from Accenture to learn more about the SPD project. We congratulate the department on this forward-thinking initiative, and are excited to help them begin reaping its benefits! 

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