The Surest Way to Tank Any Accountable Care Program

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 By | mei 13, 2016
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mei 13, 2016

From Fragmented Episodic Care to Personalized Prescriptive Care.

There’s no surer way to tank any accountable care initiative than to evaluate performance or drive treatment plans based on inaccurate, untimely and incomplete data. Poor identity management and a lack of semantic interoperability of code sets are huge stumbling blocks, as pointed out by CEO Judy Faulkner in a recent article published in Heathcare IT News.

Faulkner said, “If you're going to do interoperability between organizations, which I think is critical, it's limited because you have to define and normalize and harmonize the data so that each group can understand the other."

Faulkner states the problem, but doesn’t offer a solution. While EMRs - in part funded by Meaningful Use incentives - are the price of admission for value-based care (VBC), advanced analytics is vital to implement accountable care models that optimize value. However, VBC requires achieving clinical integration across the continuum of care and integrating data from data sets that were never intended to work well together.

EMRs work best with existing patterns, which enforces what we already know. But, it is the opportunities for innovation to improve quality, access, and reduce costs that are unlimited, as long as you have the appropriate enterprise data management strategy and analytics platform.   

The variety, volume, and velocity of data needed to optimize these initiatives continues to grow and be supported by big data platforms, while Veracity - the fourth V - remains elusive.

Omni-Payer and Omni-Patient from Information Builders are new Member/Patient Information Management solutions that enable providers and payers to get a fully harmonized, 360° view of every member, patient, provider, location, and organization. Clinical, financial, claims, patient access data, and external data is easily on-boarded from any source and unified together, ensuring the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of that information. This provides the following value and more:

  • Longitudinal record of the patient/member throughout care settings
  • Accurate and actionable analytics through built-in medical terminology validations and enrichment
  • Integrated data quality rules, remediation, data dictionary, and prebuilt data models ensure information governance
  • Properly aligned information to improve care management, enable higher reimbursements, and secure quality-based incentives
  • Improved market awareness, referrals, and target-effective marketing campaigns
  • Self-service visualizations, reporting, and predictive modelling capabilities to increase ROI
  • More time to coordinate care from chasing data

​For more, please download our complimentary white papers on Omni-Payer and Omni-Patient.