Why I Came Back to Information Builders: Michael Gagne

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 By | juni 16, 2017
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juni 16, 2017

I departed Information Builders in 1998, but continued to have fond memories of the people and culture long after I had left. When I interviewed with CEO Gerry Cohen for my second tour of duty, he said, “Everyone makes mistakes.” I felt like the prodigal son.

When I attended the January 2017 Sales Kickoff and the subsequent Awards Banquet, I left that night thinking about what I had experienced and how to put it into words. One co-worker characterized it the best way possible: “It is like being at a family wedding reception.” Perfect! We are a family and that is the culture that Gerry has sought to create from the beginning. When I think about how many lives this man has affected over the last 42 years, it is humbling. He has provided sources of income, put kids through high school and college, funded vacations, marriages, and retirements – all while protecting what he has created.

Monte Roy, senior VP of Sales, was another big reason for my return. I’ve always respected him, his passion for and dedication to Information Builders. He makes a huge sacrifice by traveling to the New York headquarters three weeks out of the month, but he too has experienced the culture Gerry has created and remains part of the team.

The opportunity to work with Jon Deutsch, VP, Industry Solutions, was also critical to my decision to return. I knew him during my first stint and was always impressed with his knowledge and depth. He causes me to pause and think things through with rigor and to constantly look at process improvement and efficiency.

So many of the people I worked with 18 years ago are still here. You know you are family when you show up after such a long absence and it is as if you never left. Except now, most of us have grey hair! At their core, these individuals are still some of the best people one could ever hope to work with.

At Information Builders, respect for others is always paramount to any business need. This isn’t always the case in many corporations - especially those that are publicly traded. Wall Street dictates their every move and, for most of them, as an employee you are a cost and your value is measured in “What have you done for me lately?”

Finally, Information Builders’ new venture with St. Luke’s University Health Network was the tipping point for my return. This creates such an exciting opportunity for us. I couldn’t be more excited to be here, especially when it comes to the culture and the people that make this organization a family. My motivation is achieving the expectations of those who voted for my return and not letting down my healthcare team and their desire to succeed.

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