Analyze This: Top Movies of All Time

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 By | december 18, 2015
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december 18, 2015

As you’ve likely noticed by now, we at Information Builders have what many are calling the “Star Wars fever”. The force is strong across the country and especially at our headquarters in New York City - as highlighted by the dozens I saw camped outside movie theaters on my rainy walk to the subway last night.

Inspired by these folks who chose to wait in line rather than buy online, I decided to do an analysis of the box office smash hits from the past 25 years – as we all know The Force Awakens will be in that category by Sunday.

I downloaded some data from and quickly uploaded it into InfoAssist+. What I found most interesting is that ticket sales actually peaked in the early 2000’s and have since gone down, likely due to streaming and an uptick in ticket prices. However, the total gross has increased steadily as you can see through the use of the heat scale. 

The top grossing movie of the past 25 years was Iron Man 3 followed closely by Marvel’s The Avengers. Now we wait and watch, with bated breath, to see where The Force Awakens will fall on this celebrated list.