Ask the Experts Series: How Do You Get Analytics into the Hands of All Your Users?

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 By | mei 09, 2017
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mei 09, 2017

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Everyone can benefit from analytics – from business users, to skilled data viz gurus, and many in between. Do they need tools to analyze, model, and visualize data; or an easy to use, yet interactive, application?  No matter the individual, the end goal is to get analytics into the hands of all your users.

At Information Builders, we make this possible with our world-class self-service analytics platform, WebFOCUS, which delivers easy to use tools that support a broad range of use cases and critical capabilities. This includes:

  • Governed data discovery leveraging homegrown integration, integrity, metadata and security products
  • Cloud deployment as a platform as a service or analytical app as a service
  • Self-service data preparation and wrangling
  • Smart capabilities to help you understand your data like automated analytics and natural language generation
  • Collaborative capabilities to share, publish, and discuss your findings

Beyond the use of our self-service data and analytics solution, we’ve also developed InfoApps™ which aim to get analytics into the hands of a much larger audience of users.  InfoApps are highly interactive analytical apps for business users and can be used with no training.

All users can take full advantage of InfoApps as they:

  • Incorporate an intuitive interface and guided workflow known as progressive disclosure
  • Take advantage of embedded advanced analytics like predictions and prescriptions
  • Are web and mobile-optimized using responsive web design to ensure an optimized experience on any device
  • Offer high visual appeal, can be rebranded, and embedded

To learn more about our highly-interactive InfoApps, be sure to download our whitepaper today. In addition, take a moment to view our latest "Ask the Experts" video and a live demonstration of an InfoApp to find out how you can give any user easy access to self-service analytics.