Ask the Experts Series: What is BUE?

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 By | mei 16, 2017
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mei 16, 2017

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Decentralized Analytics describes the use case of a group of business users that seek access to self-service analytics tools without IT Involvement.  The business drivers for this are agility and self-reliance.  To support this use case, we are proud to offer WebFOCUS Business User Edition (BUE).  Many business units have a mix of analytical and business users that are wholly capable of leveraging tools that prep, model, and visualize their data; as long as they have been simplified and feature world-class ease of use.

BUE is based on the enterprise-grade WebFOCUS BI and Analytics platform. However, with this specific product, the demands on IT and BI developers are lessened while business users gain the ability to prep, understand, model, visualize and collaborate on their data without having to wait for IT to deliver a data or visualization asset.

Designed for teams and workgroups of up to 100 users, WebFOCUS BUE is a completely browser-based solution that offers a rich set of analytics features not found in desktop self-service analytics tools, including:

  • Cloud deployment as Platform as a Service or Analytical App as a Service
  • Self-service Data preparation, metadata, and governance
  • Automated insights based on algorithms and visual best practices
  • Natural Language Generation to speed time to understanding 
  • High-performance columnar storage for high-speed discovery
  • Interactive visual exploration with modern visualization library
  • Advanced visualizations - including custom D3 charts
  • Collaborative portal to manage and publish content
  • Automated content distribution and bursting
  • A full-featured report writer

Care to give BUE a try? Sign up for our free 14-day trial. Also, be sure to view our latest "Ask the Experts" video to give your business users access to better analytics.