InfoApps™ Deliver Analytical Enlightenment

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 By | november 10, 2015
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november 10, 2015

InfoApps™ are highly interactive, analytical apps for non-technical users. Our customers deploy our platform-backed InfoApps to thousands of users with the benefit of greater adoption and usability than analytical tools, while still maintaining great flexibility.  

Data visualization delivers many benefits to an organization such as a more rapid understanding of performance, trends, and the ability to discover patterns and outliers in your data.

What if these two powerful capabilities were combined? Watch the video below to see how platform-backed InfoApps from Information Builders can deliver analytical enlightenment and might just help business and IT come together. Warning, a Patrick Swayze minotaur may be involved.

How to Create a Data Visualization-Centric InfoApp

The key is to start with the use case. What business questions does the user need to answer?

In many cases, business questions can be best answered, understood, and explored with a visualization. Additional questions and views of the data can be exposed simply by adding prompts for anything, like different metrics, filters, chart axes, size, color, etc. We find this delivers the benefits of data visualization in an interface that is more use-case-driven and friendlier than an analytical tool.

These InfoApps are secure, scalable, and adopted with no training and massively lower licensing costs. They are amazing.

BUT PORTER, THESE MUST BE SO HARD TO BUILD! Actually they are not. The tool is designed to facilitate visualization-centric InfoApps like these in minutes. Connect to data, design visualization, decide on prompts, and publish.

Below is an example of a Holdings by Country InfoApp that is prompting drill-down, map type, customer, and market value. By visualizing the size of the bubble, a financial advisor can see where the majority of their holdings reside. The ultimate value in this InfoApp was exposing to the advisor five drillable visualizations, all keyed off of location, that allowed the advisor to effortlessly identify underperforming positions and drive buy/sell behavior.

This InfoApp visualizes product performance in the ubiquitous bubble chart and allows users to custom-tailor their analysis by selecting what the bubbles, color by, axes, size by, and filters are. This can be used by analysts to spot patterns and outliers in the key entities of their business, like Products, Stores and Customers.

Because there are hundreds or thousands of unique values of these entities, a visualization is the perfect vehicle to do this. The bubble chart in particular is especially good at visualizing large amounts of data and using color to highlight patterns in higher-level groupings or spot outliers using the vertical axis, horizontal axis, or size. Because the analyst can quickly change any of these attributes on a simple form, they can rapidly analyze their entire business in an interface that requires no training.

The results of combining these two great technologies are powerful and insight producing - both business and IT users can get behind that.

For more on data visualization, check out the on-demand recording of my most recent webcast: Visualize Your Data With WebFOCUS InfoAssist. There are no references to The Notebook this time, but you will not be disappointed!