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The New WebFOCUS: Rationale for a BI and Analytics Platform

Andy McCartney's picture
Andy McCartney | september 24, 2018

As we launch the new WebFOCUS Designer edition in the Fall of 2018, we have considered what is realistically needed for an enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform to succeed – both today and tomorrow. While there is plenty of focus at the moment on artificial intelligence (AI...

Customer Spotlight: Leveraging Big Data at Attenti

Kathleen Moran's picture
Kathleen Moran | september 20, 2018

Attenti, an organization that tracks criminals with GPS ankle bracelets, has amassed a tremendous volume of information over the years.  WebFOCUS is helping the company present and analyze this data in new and exciting ways. Users can now easily interact with data about hundreds of thousands...

Hot Topics in Healthcare Analytics and Health Information Management

Beth Adams's picture
Beth Adams | september 19, 2018

Making Sense of the Healthcare Information Management Software Market As with any industry, healthcare has its own set of challenges and solutions for information management. Whether you’re a healthcare provider trying to improve care management or an insurance company trying to provide the best –...

Customer Spotlight: Smarter Law Enforcement With WebFOCUS

Kathleen Moran's picture
Kathleen Moran | september 18, 2018

York Regional Police, like many other law enforcement agencies, had been drowning in data for years. The department chose WebFOCUS to solve this challenge, because it delivered the most insights in the fewest clicks. Now the agency can better leverage its massive volume of data, according to...

Better Predictions with Artificial Intelligence

Porter Thorndike's picture
Porter Thorndike | september 14, 2018

For many years, Information Builders’ predictive analytic capabilities have been anchored by RStat, a graphical user interface for the R language that brings predictive modeling capabilities to the WebFOCUS community. Today, RStat is getting smarter with the addition of artificial intelligence and...