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Why I Came Back to Information Builders: Jerrett Cangie

Jerrett Cangie's picture
| juni 23, 2017

After leaving Information Builders to explore an opportunity with one of the seemingly endless “transformative, pre-IPO analytics” companies in Silicon Valley, I decided to return for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we take this company’s broad, proven, and award-winning solution stack for granted...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Organizational Intelligence?

Rado Kotorov's picture
Rado Kotorov | juni 20, 2017

It’s undeniable - data has taken on a life of its own in today’s business landscape. In fact, data is often thought of as the most important strategic asset in the world. No longer is data kept in the confines of upper management. Instead, for organizations to keep pace with increased completion...

Why I Came Back to Information Builders: Michael Gagne

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Michael Gagne | juni 16, 2017

I departed Information Builders in 1998, but continued to have fond memories of the people and culture long after I had left. When I interviewed with CEO Gerry Cohen for my second tour of duty, he said, “Everyone makes mistakes.” I felt like the prodigal son. When I attended the January 2017 Sales...

What Is Progressive Data Management?

Beth Adams's picture
Beth Adams | juni 14, 2017

The word “progressive” has two meanings. It can mean "forward-looking" or "favoring new ideas", and it can mean "incremental". Progressive Data Management is a way of thinking about data that incorporates both of these meanings to generate more value from the data organizations manage. In a new...

5 Hot Trends in Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Andy McCartney's picture
Andy McCartney | juni 13, 2017

Our industry is evolving and innovating at an astonishing rate as more data and ways to generate insight emerge. This post takes a look at 5 trends that we see out there in the world of business intelligence, analytics and big data management – enabling smarter, faster, and ultimately more data-...

Thousands of Experiences: Summit 2017, Thursday

Terri White's picture
Terri White | juni 08, 2017

I’ve been summing up each Summit day so far with a theme. Day 1 started with connections. Day 2 touched on inspiration, and today, Day 3 is all about interaction.   At its core, Summit has 140+ educational sessions with speakers giving presentations, but the cool thing is that there are also...

Stories About Data and Analytics: Summit 2017, Wednesday

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Terri White | juni 07, 2017

Yesterday we talked about the role of data, analytics, people and machines being increasingly connected. Today we really drilled down into the opportunities that arise because of those connections, and how our customers are taking advantage of them.    Many of our sessions this morning...

Living in a Connected World: Summit 2017, Tuesday

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Terri White | juni 06, 2017

We’ve gone deep into the heart of data for Summit 2017. Sundance Head, winner of the Voice Season 11, started us off with a few songs this morning. He’s a little bit country. A little bit something else you can’t quite pin down. As CMO and opening speaker Michael Corcoran remarked, “It’s good to be...

Grow What You Know – at Summit!

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Kathleen Moran | mei 31, 2017

Next week we head deep into the heart of Texas for our annual user conference. And while every Summit is slightly different in theme and location, there is one common thread – attendees have a unique opportunity to “grow what they know” through a wide selection of sessions, hand-on labs and...