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#WomenInTech: Inspiring Future Leaders

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Kathleen Moran | maart 31, 2017

As March draws to a close, so too does our celebration of the amazing women who make up Information Builders’ global leadership team. Throughout the month, we talked with some of these women for a series of blogs highlighting their experiences. In our conversations, it was apparent that the group...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Embedded Business Intelligence?

Jake Freivald's picture
Jake Freivald | maart 28, 2017

When it comes to transforming complex data into business value, non-technical users need an integrated platform that allows them to combine core BI and analytics to perform comprehensive analysis leading to informed decision-making. In this week’s “Ask the Experts” video, we examine the importance...

Information Builders Wins Two Stevie® Awards for Customer Service

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Dan Ortolani | maart 23, 2017

I'm excited to report that Information Builders won two 2017 Stevie® Awards from the American Business Awards association for top-notch customer support: A silver award for “Innovation in Customer Service” in the Computer Industries category A bronze award for “Customer Service...

#WomenInTech: Making Your Own Motivation

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Kathleen Moran | maart 23, 2017

Throughout the month of March, we’ve been speaking with some of the women who make up Information Builders’ global team in recognition of Women’s History Month. The participants come from different backgrounds, levels of expertise, countries and more, but all are united by their passion for...

Restoring Your Faith in Data-Driven Decisions

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Beth Adams | maart 22, 2017

In our recent webcast, “The Real Cost of Bad Data: Six Simple Steps to Data Quality”, David Menninger of Ventana Research speaks about why data quality matters and provides recommendations to regain confidence in what that data shows. Ventana Research confirms that data quality issues are pervasive...

Ask the Experts Series: What Makes the WebFOCUS Platform Unique?

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Chris Banks | maart 21, 2017

There are many tools on the market today for “power users” to conduct reporting and data discovery. However, your organization also consists of non-power users – often known as non-technical business users. They, too, need data to make informed decisions. Thankfully, a solution exists to give these...

#WomenInTech: Finding and Nurturing the Right Career Path

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Kathleen Moran | maart 16, 2017

Information Builders is celebrating Women’s History Month by speaking with some of our female leadership worldwide to learn more about what inspired them to work in the field, what keeps them motivated every day, and other lessons learned in the course of their careers. We asked the group...

Data Integration in the Age of the Internet of Things

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Beth Adams | maart 14, 2017

Because today’s companies receive large volumes of data in real time from the Internet of Things (IoT), data integration deserves to be looked at more carefully than it has been in the past. Before you can get value from an IoT project, consider the requirement of integrating devices, business...